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Re: Second Go
Feb 8, 2011
oxygirl... i have taken benzos spordically in th last talkin like a clonazepam at 8 pm ...nothing for a couple days...ativan to sleep when i couldnt (mind was racing) and valium on ocassion, but ive cut all of them out of my system. I didnt get addicted (and BENZOS ARE HIGHLY ADDICTIVE people and hell to get off afterwards), but i didnt get hooked, ad just quit because of that and that they didnt really work for me.

its day 22 i think no opiates and i cant emember my last benzo (its been maybe 10 days no benzos, and i feel good. theres those 'bored as heck' moments that a pill would fix instantly in the past, but I refuse to go back to that dark place in my life for a third time, ughhhh makes me cringe thinking about it. a feel that a benzo for me one day wouldnt harm me or put me at risk.....but it woudnt do anything for me either, so blahh

i still pop by the corner but just to chat with my ol drug buddys...they got character and it kinda puts me near the drugs, like a crytptonite test, however i dont get cravings for some reason. ive been lucky several times. This i know for cert

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