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Re: Second Go
Feb 6, 2011
7 am - Day 19 today, I remember saying several pages back that I wanted to be one of those people who come on and say "hey day 20 and still clean".

well I put that goal out there and I willl be saying that tommorrow (If I make it!) just kidding. I work today, I have been nursing a tooth ache for the last 3/4 days and it gives me a mild headache on the right side...aint that a B#@[email protected]#? Im trying to get these pain meds off my mind completely and here comes a g/d toothache, I gotta get it checked out mon or tuesday. hope its jsut a cavity, and not my wisdom teeth coming in. But at this point who cares I m ready for whatever. It would just be nice if it just went away, and i could complete Day 20 in peace.

My mood is getting better. Ive paid most of my bills, thats a good feeling. dont get me wrong I owe Master Card like a MF!, but everything else we got under control pretty much. one more day of work then i can relax and do music, or hit that dental chair, hmmmm what wud i rather dooooo? dunno get back to you on that. time to get up, take my vitamins, eat some breakfast (which i never used ti do) but it makes a world of difference on my energy for the day.

How r yall doin?, hittin any snags, depression settin in (i have depressed half hour stages throught the day, but I know why there there so I let them pass without thinking too much about it), anyone make a huge leap in proress? lemme hear it! ill be bored around 4 hrs from now and will want to read something. Ill try to have a story for ya by then too!

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