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well my first encounter with percocets wasnt through a pain specialist. So i guess thats why i was naive to the fact that one day, it may not have the same effect. I thought wow i found this percocet and im gonna have one everyday cause they make me feel like everything is 'smooth' and 'carefree' so to speak.

then one day i took it in the morning, and i was crabby still! WHAT!!?? this cant be! I took my miracle pill!!!!!! crabby.....but ....why?????

im being fecetious but really, i didnt know at the beginning, that a tolerance would form. i figured percocet 4 life. then i found the oxy 5 with no liver-damaging acetaminophen, then the 10, then 20! which i could break and it would last ALL DAY!!!!! then 40!

then one day, a 40 didnt give me that euphoria feeling. at the price i was paying, it ticked me off. --->Thats the part i wish someone had told me about in the beginning..

theres some days where ill do 50 mg or morphine and still be achy and feel completely sober. i hate that, so ill pop a codeine pill to add on to the morphine in my system, and still nothing. One thing i wont do is go back to oxys tho; too hard for me to get off. this morphine habit i think i can kick real soon, because mentally im already used to feeling 'sober' all day. im glad i made the switch, and cost-wise oxys are 4 times the amount. i was dishing out 300 every 2 weeks to maintain my oxy habit. now i spend 100, if that, to keep me feeling normal. Very soon i will be free of the hold it has on me and my wallet! its 130am now back to bed, n no med!

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