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Trying to see the glass half full and feel great full for the help i did get and not obsessing on not getting what i wanted - witch was 100% off all drugs. I walked in with nasty DT'S and opiate and benzo withdrawal--oh yes and adderal WD. i'm going to keep writing so that i can see my progress, so that i can see some change and not let my addict tell me that "i'm never going to get better, i deserve to take a drink or have a few extra pills, i should not have to be in this amount of pain" Blaa Blaa Bull***t!
i DID come out off booze, speed, and vidcodine, and sleeping pills. That is great, that is what i need to focus on.
my insurance would only cover me for 3 days and the doctors said that was not enough time to take me off all my junk.
so 10 mg's of vicodine and 4 tramadol (sp). they gave me a very slow taper schedule because i could seizure and cant take the anti seizure meds.
i have the chils, legs pain, all my joints are achey. mood swings are intense. i feel sad this morning because i want so much to feel like my old self. my secret is out with a few people, and that helps. i have to focus on how great is to wake up sober, no bottles around me, no black out.
my nightmare are honorific, and i cry right away when i wake up, so i must move my body right away and not sit alone with my evil thoughts. move, move , move...

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