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Advise on Detox
Jan 19, 2011
Well, I have finally been approved for LTD and have been on Narcotic pain meds for a VERY long time due to back pain. I have had two spinal surgeries and several epidurals.

They now have me on Lyrica and several other Behavior Health medications my list gets longer and longer. Three off my very long list are actual Narcotic medications are Percoset 10/325, Vicodin 7/5/325, SOMA 350.

I would liked advise on stopping just these three. I have also recently stopped smoking 3-weeks out and doing great. I want to see if the Lyrica and other meds are working w./out the Narcotics. I have noticed if I am late on the Percoset or Vicodin I get moody and sick like the flu which tells me I am addicted. I want to stop but have a family and very busy schedule. Pain gets me down and I can do what is needed I have to Lay flat for a few hours after driving, shopping, chores, etc. I no longer have to worry about driving teh 40 miles to and from work and would like to stop for a few weeks for two reasons, they have stopped working like they did I am still in pain when taking them and I don't want to get really addicted and start taking more than prescribed and start that whole downward cycle.

Any natural remidies, suggestions, etc to get this started?

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