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Well im gonna have to start off my saying that this site has been an absolute powerhouse in me getting through the days that i have. Quick version is that i had a knee injury from 22 years of competetive soccer. It always starts simple with some vics, or oxy for the injury and six months later i was waking up and snorting 2/60g OCs as soon as i woke up. Anyway, turned myself in to rehab for a 5 day detox in which i was started on suboxone for the last three days. thought i was great til i came home and 3 days later was in complete withdrawl from the OCs. Finally found a doc that would help and put my on a suboxone therapy to get through. Dont get me wrong i think suboxone can help people if administered correctly. Its become apparent that my doc knew pretty much what is on the standard suboxone pamphlet. I started on 16mg a day. Yeah i know, after averaging maybe 200mg of OC a day at the very most, i was put on 16mgs. Whoa! TTTTTOOOOO MUCH! And for the next year i would stop by sit on his couch say im going great and he'd write the next script. This continued for a year, and guess who tapered me. I DID. I know more about this medication than my doctor and im certain of it, mainly because ive studied more in the past 8 days about this drug than i have ever studied in my life. Dosing, cases, symptoms, withdrawls, side effects, remedies for withdrawl, you name it and i have read it. So i kicked off of 3mg a day and today is day 10! I put an exclimation point at the end because i feel as if i have been reborn. I wont sugar coat it, WITHDRAWL SUCKS!! Its is tough and this is for everyone here going through what i am. Mainly because i have read so many horror stories of weeks and weeks of horrible withdrawl. I just want you to know everyone is different, and has different motivations. but ill give you the break down. Day 1: good, mild uneasyness. Day 2: is when the W/D really started to kick in. Day 3: Full force, by now most if not all of you know the symtoms, and i had a party with every single one. Day 4-6: No matter how much i didnt want to i forced myself to get up and take the dogs for a walk, helps tremendously! Day 7: I started to feel a little better, both because i had made my main goal in making it a week, and because i was able to get up and run as the W/D start to subside. Today is day 10 and i feel better and better everyday. Sleep is obviously the biggest issue due to the worst of the W/Ds for me being RLS(restless leg syndrome) which i have renamed IRBS( infuriating restless body syndrome)! but i know by sticking this out that each day is getting better.

Thats the story, I just wanted to also tell everyone what i have done in order to extremely reduce the overall length and intensity of the W/Ds. As you have probably read, stock up on; Immodium AD, Naproxene Sodium for aches and pain as should last pretty much all day. VITAMINS VITAMINS VITAMINS!!! I wake up everyday and take, potent B vitamins, potassium, calcuim, C, fish oil, and my naprox. I also recommend V8 Splash pom/blueberry and i mean LOTS, tons of antioxidents, and blueberry brain food. This will help supercharge cleaning out your system. Also WATER WATER WATER, even if you dont want to drink any. I would also eat a good bowl of cereal with lots of grains in it for Bfast. Now here is the hard part, at day four i MADE myself get up an take a walk. Start with walks, youll find that once you start going its easy to keep it up. If youre lucky enough to be able to be off work for this its even better, surround yourself with comfort, and family and loved ones. Reading these posts when i felt the worst made all the difference to know others are going through this and LOTS AND LOTS have succeeded. Day 7 was the first day i was able to go run, now im not much of a runner, which you might say wait you played soccer, (I was a goalkeeper) :) But let me STRESS THIS!! That run was the turning point for both my body, and mind to feel strong enough and was absolutely positive i could do this. It felt sooooo good, as weak as i was, i felt strong again. Since that day, each has gotten better and better. I finally got some sleep the last couple of nights. My personal recipe was taking my fish oil, valerian root, and xanax. I do not condone the use of benzo's i have a script and still hate taking them, but seven days without sleep will make you try anything. Also everyone here is right, hot baths, hot showers, hot baths, hot showers! and if you are lucky enough to have a hot tub, HOLY @#$%, this helps a ton to relax, it doesnt last forever but will serve you well to do immediatly before bed. Also i went to the doc today and have clonidine witch does help, but obviously differently for differnt folks.

Ill end this by saying that besides the formentioned the best thing you can do is think about all the amazing things youll be able to do, succeed in, or overcome after this. I feel as if i can make it through just about anything now. I also wanted to thank all the people who keep this going, by posting, replying, discussing, encouraging, mentoring, and inspiring. Without this i dont think i would have ever made it. Thank you all so much. If anyone has any questions just let me know.

One minute becomes two, and turns into ten, that turns into hours, and adds up to days. Day by day you will get through.

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