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I am a stay-at-home mom who has developed an addiction to hydrocodone and soma. I take between 6 to 10 doses per day (10 mg hydro combined with one soma) and, sadly, I take it because of the "high", not because of any pain management issues. I have to stop but I know that I am facing a week of WD misery if I don't taper off slowly. The problem is that being an addict, it's next to impossible to taper off. How can I accomplish this alone? None of my family or friends know of my addiction and I cannot tell them. I do not get the pills from a doctor, but purchase them for street value. I know all the dangers involved with everything I'm doing which is why I'm here. I have to stop and I need help. I would love to find a person who would agree to be my "recovery partner" and hold me accountable. Please help me someone.

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