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I have enough pills to successfully complete a slow taper-off plan. I am trying to avoid the extreme discomfort of cold turkey withdrawal, been there/done that. I have found a licensed addiction counselor who has agreed to help me. He will be in charge of the pills and dole them out according to the taper-off schedule. Problem is....I have to provide the schedule to him on paper and I'm not sure what is best.

I currently am taking between 8-10 doses per day of hydrocodone-10mg and soma, and I have a remaining stash of 30 hydro pills and 30 soma pills, but I can get more if necessary.

How does this look? I added it up and I think it works out to be 30 total.

Day 1 - 7 doses (7 hydros/7 somas)
Day 2 - 6 doses
Day 3 - 5 doses
Day 4 - 4 doses
Day 5 - 3 doses
Day 6 - 2 doses
Day 7 - 1 dose
Day 8 - 1/2 dose (1/2 hydro/1/2 soma)
Day 9 - 1/4 dose
Day 10 - 1/4 dose
Day 11 - 1/4 dose
Day 12 - 1/4 dose
Day 13 - 1/4 dose
Day 14 - 1/4 dose

Do you think this is a good plan? I need some feedback asap because I am meeting with him today. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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