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I've already asked him and he won't. I'm thinking about asking him to switch me to a longer acting benzodiazipine like Valium or Klonopin. I read that the longer acting ones help when tapering off. Thing is, I like xanax so much, I don't want to taper, I just know that I have to or else things will just get much much worse.
sounds like you definitely have a legitimate reason for taking the anxiety meds. Maybe you should try to also add something like zoloft for the anxiety and wait a month and then try to taper. It takes zoloft that long i think to get in your system. u need something obviously.

sometimes we don't like to admit that we are medication needy! lol that is a crazy term for it.

I have legitimate pain issues and am trying to taper my dose down some. I also take xanax prn for anxiety. I try to sparingly use them though because of all the horror stories i have heard plus my ex husband was addicted to them and ruined our marriage with his drug cocktails. so I had an instant hate for the drug until i started on it. it really does help with panic attacks if u have them. Klonopin and ativan are fairly decent long acting drugs also. valium always left my system quickly so i didn't like it too well. As i said though my problem is pain pills. I definitely save the benzos for crisis times because i am scared of them. however, i take my zoloft regularly and i noticed that helps tremendously cause when i don't take them for a while i wanna just die! good luck to you. we are all here in this together. one form of hell or another. so don't be afraid of judgment. at least not from me.

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