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off opiates for....who cares! Hello vodka! Never been a drinker.....but hey I'm leaving las being drunk! New addiction.......wish me luck or are good at it. Who ever YOU are! Kiss my sweet...........
Not serious right? Maybe just been drinking a bit?
bless her heart i do believe she was a wee bit intoxicated when posting this. lol. keep on the road kim u can do it!
ok...ok.ok..its not my new addiction..but it was fun....we went to Jemez Mountains and it was so beautiful, so Mom thougth hey a lil vodka,,,well pint ran out and dad was drinking bud light so....i started there...oh no...hard liquor and mommy dont mix.....i am glad to report no hangover...but the bedspins like a muttther...............thanks guys for caring.....and making fun of me LOL
Hey that's what I did for the 2 years I was away from Oxy. Drank heavy to kill the nerve pain a bit...didn't work nearly as good but needed something. Happy to say I'm back on the oxy and everything is in total control. Not making the same mistake as the first time and going way overboard. Sucks when you like a drug very much, but it's the same drug that enables you get out of bed and walk without crying. lol
tnx homie!
I saw my dr last week and he warned me that if after spinal cord stim....if I'm not doing well back on opiates...oh god!
[QUOTE=Homie2011;4687794]I saw my dr last week and he warned me that if after spinal cord stim....if I'm not doing well back on opiates...oh god![/QUOTE]

Not looking forward to that huh? Scared to abuse?
No not scared to abuse......I don't want to go back....only forward and opiates are wheeling backwards...I don't want opiates abusing me.
Hey Homie, I know you don't want to use the opiates and believe me I wish nobody had to. But please read as much as u can about the spinal cord stimulator because my mama had the trial one in and it worked great and then when they put the permanent one in it was HORRIBLE! It would shock her and the thing had to be adjusted several times. We finally figured that the leads had slipped some. They are not supposed to put it in if you have a crooked spine and hers is extremely crooked. She had the thing removed and now she claims to be in more pain than she was to begin with. Her quality of life has definitely declined. I am not saying it won't work for you. I sincerely hope that it does. But I also know that it is an expensive procedure and that doctors make a lot of money when they put them in and then they make a lot of money when they remove them. So good luck and let us know how that works for you.
you know the sad thing? Is I'm gettinguess my second scs on monday..I g uess we get desperate & will try next step is death....9 yrs later.....what's left?
hey sweety. I dont like talk like that.. we need you to stay strong we need you to help yourself as you help us . i have seen some of the advice you give and it is i ask you do the same..death isnt the answer its an easy way out and even then there is no could be even worse than what you feel now..if you can i suggest that you find a way to go some place natural like a lake or arboritum and take in will see serenity there if you ler youself. that is life. that is why we live. your family needs you. and o know that is hard to believe but its have an artistic heart and mind look at how nature builds bring some of what you love wife is getting me to make inside landscapes from potted plants. its not the same true but it helps...I know that you have it really ruff but there is more life in you and you have so much more to give to effect a possitive change in this world..when you answer me i fell less alone in the world and i see the other people you answer are better for it..lean on us when you need to. please stick around. god speed and with love painman
no death homie! we need u here to help keep us an everyone else going. I understand about the scs though. it is kind of like the last resort. I just wanted to make u awre of what my mama went through. it was awful. i hope urs does well. everyone is different u know. have u ever tried cymbalta? it is an antidepressent that has a mild stimulant in it. sounds crazy doesn't it? well I have been on it for week and half now and it seems to be working. I am not saying u need it. I just think it helps give me some energy. that is also one of my problems. i have fibromyalgia and i am constantly tired. i hate it. all my family are older and more energetic. just doesn't seem fair to me that i am always so freakin tired. then add the pain and i am just the life of the party. everyone always jokes about me sleeping or not being able to do as much because i am always hurting. well just take it easy and i guess pray about the scs. ttyl girl peace out..........
Thanks painman (what are you doing here in addiction?) And both are right. Would love to post more but just don't have it in me....rsd is raging & the scs won't get out of mind.....I have a bad feeling about this.......I keep having nightmares that I'm paralyzed from procedure.....didn't feel this way about cervical scs.....I think im getting tired from treatment.....just 24 hours without rsd would be so nice.....rsd has had 9 years....I deserve a break!
I won't drink feels too good I broke 2 toes....
I know why you are here, now...are you still on methadone and oxys? How odd...why don't pain patients get high? If we might be worth it.....when I tell people that...I get the rollg of eyes.
scs is second to last resort...the next treatment is ketamine coma (been on the germany waiting list 3 more years). They are doing ketamine infusions in the states but not as good as coma method..... Wanting to be knocked out like a that's desperate...lmao
kim, i am worried for u girl. i don't want u to do anything crazy. have you ever had the nerves burned? that coma thing sounds scary! i just thought the scs was terrible, the other sounds horrible. my problems are very minimal compared to yours. I wonder if the pills would be the lesser evil than all of those invasive procedures. but it is your decision to make and u know what u can and can't do. just concerned is all.

hey homue2011 nope not here for my abuse. never did methadone. just followed you, i am one of the people who know all to well that he/she has an addictive personality. my later youth is proof, my sstr did lotsa drugs many years mthr and fthr loved alcohol , same as my sister, brothers and cousins, i was the one that had an awakening and realized it. so since i followed you here and i am fighting having to take narcotics wich is a huge addiction risk for me i thought maybe i can help. i hope my 2 cents can help some. but right now all help i need falls to pain(rsd) herniated discs annular tear , migraines, capul tunnel, and other issues. so any ways i entered this forum following you. and oddly enough i feel just as comfortable here as i do in rsd forum.
i wish every one good luck with their struggles, despite the pain if you win a dlear mind and hope will make the world a little better for you. god speed
hello homie. how are you? Sounds like you suffer big time.
how were you injured???

are you really going to Germany to do the Ketamine thing. I have read about that. I am not sure it is so safe. But suffering and suffering being so young(i'm about your age also so i can relate). so what I mean having 20-30 more years to live suffering is not life. You have been waiting to go to germany for 3 years already?. what is that? all the world is going to Germany?.

You should talk with people who had this ketamine done in Germany and also know who is the surgeon? who is going to do that. Do not just go there without knowing who is this surgeon who is going to do that ketamine thing.

Good Luck and let me know.

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