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[QUOTE=MikeMass;4686666] I got off of a 7 year relationship with Xanax in about 2 months with NOT ONE feeling of withdrawal or discomfort. Use a simple taper plan that works for your body and you should be all set.[/QUOTE]

you were very lucky my friend.You would know somewhat more becasue ive never taken zanax and you have, but Ive read many accounts of people not being able to deal with the 'rebound anxiety'. Not arguing your point just providing 'Bearish' with info I have read up on, because I was going to take zanax last month and wanted to know as much as I could.

Congrats on the smooth ween off, I just weened off opiates as well as klonopin, valium, and Restoril (al benzos same family as xanax) in the same way. Some of us have it better than others. cheers!

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