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First of all, have you ever had a sleep study? If you do not get enough sleep your body will reek havoc on you! Now back to the ambiens. They have a bad reputation for making people do things that they have no recollection of. I have had scripts for them and do still take them occasionally. They make me very tired in the morning. However, supposedly they are not addictive. That does not mean that they are not becoming habit forming for you. Whatever you do, do not start taking benzo's such as valium, ativan, or especially xanax. Mainly because ambiens are similar in the affect to benzos. I have heard that benzos are one of the hardest substances to get off of.

I think that you really should see about that sleep study. Obviously there is a reason why you have insomnia. I am going to assume that you are young or at least not a senior citizen since u are still working. You need to be upfront with your doctor about this problem with the ambiens and the fact that they are making u have a craving for them. He can advise you further on what you can do. Also, read up on some sleep strategies. Definitely do not take any daytime naps. Those will absolutely sabatoge your sleep at night. Good luck to you and please let me know how u are doing. I am sorry if I couldn't really be of any help to you.
I have insomnia as well. I have never been a good sleeper all my life. My job also has erratic hours which throws my body into chaos with time zones. Your addiction is not a "sissy" one.

I have never had an addiction to ambien or benzos but you really must be careful. I had a scary episode on ambien 2 years ago. I got my prescription of 30 on a Monday. I woke up Tuesday morning and I was very confused, I thought I had napped and it was still Monday. Well I then discovered all 29 pills were missing from my bottle. I pray i flushed them or something stupid. I rarely take Ambien these days, but my doctor writes the prescription for 6 with 5 refills. This way, I do not have them around. I only take them maybe once every 3 months anyway,

You need to fugure out what works and get off these poisons. I know what it is like to not sleep. I went 4 days straight 3 years ago and went to ER to get them to make me sleep. They gave me IV ativan and Valium.

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