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Hello halfpint. As a person who suffers from huge amounts of back and leg pain from crushed spinal nerves, I totally hear ya. Unfortunately there's basically nothing out there that helps with pain (at least mine) that isn't a narcotic/highly addictive. Maybe science will create something some day that isn't, but I don't think it's possible. When pain sensors shut off, pleasure in the brain is derived, which equates to addiction, case closed.

You need to ask yourself why you [B]REALLY[/B] want to get off your meds entirely. I don't buy what you said about being afraid of doing damage to your body. Take away the tylanol by switching to straight hydrocodone or straight oxycodone and both drugs become basically harmless to your liver, etc.

I think there's something you're not telling us. [B]*If I'm wrong I sincerely apologize*[/B] It's just that I've done this dance before and something seems fishy.

So, truthfully, is it because you're scared of getting too addicted and going back on fentanyl or something stronger than lortab? Is it because you abuse them and you have a lot of close calls with almost overdosing? Is it because you don't like the way they mentally make you feel? Is it because you feel like a wimp that you depend on something to get through your day, and you want to be a tough guy now and JUST DEAL with it to prove something to yourself? Is it because your pain was never really that bad and you don't need them at all, you just wanted to get high right from the start?

Sorry if any of those questions struck a nerve. My experience with addicts and chronic pain patients usually leads to one of those questions being the reason behind a person wanting to quit opiates.

Anyway, like oxygirl, Oxycodone is my drug of choice. After abusing the 30mg ones so heavily years ago, (600mg +/- a day) I had to go cold turkey and completely get off of them for about 22 months to get my tolerance back to zero, and to ultimately save my life and straighten out my thinking process about PM. Pain management works best when you control your situation, not your doctor. First you have to ask yourself if you can live without opiates and still have quality of life. If the answer is yes, detox, get help for the mental portion if needed, and go about your business. If the answer is no, (like myself), go to your doctor and set the boundaries yourself. Ex. I get X number of oxy's a month, the number I receive was my request. The max dose per day was set by me. The fact that I cannot EVER request stronger pills or higher doses of my current meds, was set by me in my chart and highlighted in bold. It's called a safety net and I would have never gone back on pain meds without a safety net first. I've been through too much sh*t in the past to screw my life up again and end up withdrawing hardcore for 2 months straight, and depressed for another full month after that. I'm pleased to say I fixed my own way of thinking and I'm ultra conservative with my meds and when and why I take them throughout the day. They add such a huge amount of quality to my life and to my son's life, I am able to be the father I want to be. It's such a double-edged sword that the drug I happen to "enjoy" the most, is also the only drug that can take away my pain with the fewest side effects. What an evil setup that is. lol Oh well, mentally I'm strong and smart these days, you have to be not to slip into the cracks of the narcotic trap.

Blah, anyway, the more honest you are here, the better the advice gets. Be well for now my friend. Again, sorry if I offended you by asking the real reason you want off of opiates.

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