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OG, everyone is chemically unique, and due to a wide variety of things, every single person suffers through addiction in different ways. While a lot of people may experience the same symptoms, everyone feels them differently. DO NOT feel bad when you see someone taking drastically different doses than you and dropping it quicker. You're going at the pace that's right for you, so who cares how much they were taking? You're trying, and not only that you're making improvement. You're just as strong as anybody who quit, because you have the desire and that's more than I can say about most of the opiate addicts I personally know.

I also have arthritis, from a pretty drastic knee injury when I was young (kneecap twisted 90 degrees) and my refusal to not let it keep me from my athletics. I used to be a lot like Bigz actually. I'm 6'6", and in 2008 I weighed 300 pounds and was in the weight room for hours a day. Then I started using and just deflated. By the time I "quit" (I put that in quotations because I just woke up from my first relapse), I weighed about 205, and I hadn't weighed that little since I was 12. But when I got my shit straight, starting the morning with a jog or even just a walk, as soon as you wake up. It's when you gain the most cardio benefit, and it gets your blood flowing and your brain working early. It's amazing what that can do once your body is used to such a healthy routine!

Personally, I hate suboxine, methadone, subutex, all of em. My personal belief is that I knowingly did this to myself, and I'm a big boy so there are consequences. I've seen a lot of people who quit doing opiates but have simply replaced their addiction and are still and addict for years. When I went CT from 3 years of slamming H, it took me 9 days in my buddy's basement to be myself again. I wasn't normal, but I was not a fiend anymore. I refuse to be a slave to something else, just because it hurts less that way. OG, I guess my point is that detoxing yourself from that poison is going to suck, but not everybody is ready for such a dramatic change. I didn't have any real responsibility when I detoxed, such as kids to look after or getting an abusive leech out of my f****** house. Your life, your habit, your pace. You'll get off as long as you keep wanting it.
hey twice, I am glad u are on here and have had a chance to look at some of the posts. Bigzz is one of the guys I was telling u about. He is a strong one (obviously by his pics). lol....I know physical shape has nothing to do with it. He is emotionally strong also. Did you know that heroin and oxycodone are a lot alike. I was reading that somewhere. So I guess we do all have a little in common. I felt better today. Have been going a little longer in between pills. Still only taking 1/2 pill every 4-5 hours. sometimes longer if i am alseep. I average 2.5 to maybe 3 a day. It is a little decrease but considering I couldn't do it before I feel better. Been taking lots of advil but it is working. My knees.........I wish I could remove them if it didn't hinder the walking process. My legs are my biggest pain lately. I had one arthroplatic surgery about a month ago to remove some arthritis and torn cartledge and it did take a lot of the severe pain away. It does seem to be getting better and better each day. Just a bit stiff. I am 42 and feel way too young to be going to a wheelchair. Going to fight this all the way. I have 3 kids. 1 who is in college and 1 who is almost 18 and another who is 13 and he is my little heavy metal rockin rollin side kick! He likes to thinks he is a heavy metal dude anyways.....Plays electric guitars and has amps half as tall as me! Anyways.....thank God I have heavy fire doors on each bedroom as they are also a sound barrier. I am lucky with my kids. They have seen a lot with me and their dad arguing through the years but they turned out to be great kids. I think my oldest son will be the one with some issues but he hasn't shown any tendancies toward drugs except tobacco (dip) which he quit about 3 months ago. He apparently started dipping around the age of 15 with some friends. I didn't even realize it for about a year as he kept it well hidden from me. However, he decided he didn't like discolored teeth and I told him I would pay for them to be whitened if he quit and voila......

I know u have a rough road ahead but everyone on here will talk your brains out! I am like bigzz and on here a lot just because it keeps me busy and from thinking about anything else. I do need to get a hobby. I might do the am walking like u are talking about to get my blood flowing good. I used to do that years ago and then come home and clean my house (i was a major neat freak) and then take a nap and then get kids from school, cook supper, do homework, church, scouts, dance class, gymnastics.....I was a regular Carol Brady! About 6 or so years ago it seems that is when it all changed. I started feeling like crap a lot and then was diagnosed with all this arthritis and fibromyalgia (which I knew I had before that because my mom did and I had her symptoms) but I always denied it. I was in some pretty bad accidents 2 years in a row and I think that sparked some of it. So therefore, I started seeing doctors and then about 3 or so years ago I found a doc who started me on pain pills. Honestly, they do help me function but then they started to take over. I found I was physically dependent on them in December of last year and started talking to people on this board about what to expect and how to fight it. One thing I will tell you that I have been doing in the past 4 weeks is drinking protein drinks. I think it is helping a lot with the energy thing. I am going to get a juicer or a blender (mine broke) and start making high protein smoothies here at home to get more of a variety of nutrition. You need to make that a high priority before anything because when u detox it is going to take a lot out of u. It works the protein thing does, I see a big difference in my hair and nails. (Just like a woman huh to think of the main things). Keep positive. I can't remember how old u said you were but I am going to assume u are young as u have no kids or responsibilities. This is just a bad bump in your life and u can get over it. Good luck;)
yea biggzz... its been bout almost 90 days for me and I stil get mild anxiety about the meds. very minor anxiety but i know its rooted in my former addiction. I thought it was just me, but yeah there will be post-detox dreams haha, ive had them, but of course we stayin strong and stayin focused. Twice....stick with it, stick with us, and lets do now bro! -second go

dont want to be redundant but some people dont remember whos who, so reminder ive quit a two year oxy habit, and quit a 6 month opiate/morphine.codiene relapse....69 days clean and feeling very healthy. keep chattin, and keep the focus! EZ

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