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that flush must have felt like flushing a pet hamster down the toilet except 1000 times worse lol. Im trying to make light.

So what have you got in place to help you make the transition. Youve read the "sample home detox plan" at the top of the threads right?

wow you have to work through it! yikes, I had to do that as break. You'll probably get the feeling like youre catching the might be smart to go into work, let boss see you in your condition and book 3-4 days off, because you will most definitely be run down, and have the 'runs'.

best of luck to you ....L-Tyrosine works great for fatigue, vit b6, b12, vit d for mood, lots of gatorade!! and try to eat something healthy man. no coffee, if you have anxiety due to withdrawals itll only make them worse, a sip wont hurt if youte used to your morning coffee just dont down a whole mug!

You'll get through it...hey! 5 year olds lay in bed with the flu for 3 days, you can do it, be strong and keep focused on your son like Bigzz said, and your life ahead without having to depend on these pills. BTW I kicked twice, it was rough but im still standing, and am in great shape....excercice or walking when you can is KEY....dont just sit and mope, you body needs circulation, I know its almost immposible, but it is possible!!!!!! keep posting that helps too! good luck......oh that flush ouch hahah just kidding, thats probably the best thing you could have done to start your new life man! cheers
Same boat as me norcoguy. We will both get through this soon. Just keep on trying! In a few months we will look back and pat eachother on the back. You seem to have the same issue with me with the sleeping and anxiety! That is one of the worst side effects. I rather sit on the toilet with a bucket in my hand than have that sleeping terror
Musicman I hate the anxiety/sleep issues also but I definitely hate that toilet thing my friend! lol

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