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I wish you the best! be strong. I have been on here tapering off subs for a week now. it's not too bad. I was taking 10-12 sometimes 15 oxycodone 30mgs a day! for 2 years... I have also been taking 10mg valiums to help with the withdrawals... if you look at the first few post on the forum you will see my thread "from roxis to suboxone" theres a wealth of info and advice in there along with many other threads on here.

stay strong, we all know what your going through. do it for you child and then yourself.
hey norcoguy, forgive urself, dust urself off and get back on the bike! I have only cut 1 pill off of my day and it is a little struggle. No way could I go ct. Listen, tapering is so much more gentle on the body. withdrawls make u feel like u are physically and mentally losing it. I have had 3 kids and withdrawls are worse than labor! Whatever your normal dose is, cut it as far down as u can and maintain. wait a while until your system stabilizes and cut a little more. I have been doing this and it really works. U gotta be in a mindset for it though. If you are taking massive amounts of pills at one time though you may need to see a doc. Mine are 30mgs so I feel like I am taking 3 percs with one pain pill and in all actuality my doc said it is an equivalent except without the liver killing tylenol. So I take 90mgs daily at this point. I usually make it through the total 24 hours and sometimes am at the 2.5 pills instead of 3. Usually if I oversleep. But my body is craving like crazy when I do because I am not totally stabilized yet. Keep working on it. It took me quite a few times to do it. Good luck....Mind set.....

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