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Re: Day 1
Mar 18, 2011
It most likely is from the meds it will take quite sometime for you to be completely normal again.... now as far as the depression/anxiety... When you take opiates they release HIGH amounts of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine which are all naturally produced by our body BUT when you take opiates it release mass amounts of it. which gives you that "euphoric" feeling we all love at first.... that being said when you stop taking these drugs your body has been so used to high levels you feel shitty because now you have a lot less and on top of that, your brain is in sleep mode and not producing it as much because the drugs put those little "natural" creators to sleep.

After some time the brain starts to get back to normal and those "lil guys" get back to work.

however, you like I might have depression as an underlying issue. I have always had depression/anxiety/ADHD... which is why not only in my opinnion but also in my doctors and family's is WHY I got so addicted to opiates because is NUMBED me and made me feel GOOD.

Hope this helps a little bit!

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