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Hello, everyone! I do not have a scrip for percocet i was using recreationally. I now find that im addicted and cannot go 1 day with out. I get moody or very upset if i can find it every day. I use about 20 mg-30 mg per day through out the day total in 5 mg doses. I know to some people may not think that seems like much, But it is effecting me and my husbands relationship. He doesnt understand addiction. he thinks you can just stop and be done with it. I tried to tell him it doesnt work that way. I think he is close to leaving me. I told him i need to wean off of them and it will take a few months. I have a very addicitive personality and there are many of my family members that are addicted to some thing, from beer to other drugs. So, it runs in my family. I had issues with coke before and i stopped that and started using more pills. Will Methodone help me quit with out the withdrawal effects of percocet? i need help, i heard quiting cold turkey can cause strokes or even coma. Please help me save my life.
you dont want to go on a methadone treatment plan for the little amount of percs that you are doing. (methadone is very strong and far more addictive and harder to get off of than the 30 mg of percocet you are doing daily)

I hear you, It is very hard to quit...ive been there. But you are lucky you havent gone up to higher doses (I think many here can attest to that). You are at a good point to start weening off.

I personally quit cold turkey and was doing far more than you are, but I would seek professional medical support in getting off theses pills, because they only get worse and worse.

Its gonna be a bit of a tough go, but I suggest doing whatever you can to start reducing your dosage immediately, if you are truly ready and are trying to kick the habit. Theres something called 'the point of no return'...your far from it! good luck, you can do this...keeep posting in this thread, others will give you some input as well....
second go is right. I know it seems like a lot of mgs but I am currently taking 90mgs of oxycodone and that is what is in percocet. it is like taking 9- 10mg pills. I am so hooked. I am currently weaning off. I started taking 30mg less and am going to go down further in 15mg increments. The little bit of high that they give us is just not worth being a slave to the drug. I have a script for legitimate pain but I am going to try to do otc meds if possible. If not I am going to cut down to a lower dose regardless. It will get very expensive if you don't stop and your husband may be tired of the extra money going to the pills. Start lowering your dose slowly at least. Then map out a plan for lowering it some more. You can do it. U didn't mention why u started taking them. Do you have issues with pain?
Wow!!! i was just like you...Years and years and years ago... i was popping 5/500 vicodins about 5-8 a day and knew i had a problem. i went to the doctor and told him that i think i need some treatment, he belittled my dosage and said for my pain it was an appropiate dosage and i didnt need help, if i wanted to quit just quit...then i came to this board under a differnt name it was a differnt forum back then...and was also kinda ignored here because my dose was so low...but it was a huge deal because here i sit 5 years later in a world i dont even know or like anymore somewhere between live and dead...walluring in all kinds of problems from health to ruining lives of others. Serious S**t!!! quit em now! I cant express this more to you! You wont stroke out or die but you will if you keep on thats a given!
Head the warnings YOU ARE IN DEEP S**T and need help ASAP

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