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Hi NewLife4Us,
I haven't been through the addiction nightmare myself, but I am a mother who's 22 year old son has been through the opiod addiction nightmare. He started on OxyContin in high school, through peer pressure and a girlfriend. He knows now how stupid that was but at the time he didn't realize what type of drug OxyContin was and how addictive that drug is. He also used morphine, herion, phentenoyl, percocet, vicodin, anything he could get his hands on. Whatever he could score from his druggie friends or dealers. I won't go into all of the nightmore issues with what a child puts you through when addicted but you can only imagine. He now has two felony thefts on his record as a result of his addiction. He came VERY close to loosing his legs from the knees down, last September, as a result of using intravenious morphine in the front of his legs. hiding it from us by wearing long pants. He developed the flesh eating bacteria and spent a week in the hospital. It was a miracle that they were able to stop that bacteria and were able to save his legs. He should have died from many overdoses from the amount of drugs he was taking but he didn't and I can only say that the Good Lord has looked after this son of ours for a reason. He has gone through several relapses in the last 5 years but since his scare with his legs, he is now in an aggresive outpatient treatment center where he is getting one on one counseling, group counseling, accupuncture, random drug testing, visits with their physician and NA meetings. They also have him on a light dose methadone which he says has taken away ALL cravings for any drug for the first time in 5 years. He will be taken off of the methadone slowly when they feel he is ready. They are giving him a lot of relapse prevention. He has been clean now since last September and is doing very well. I truly believe that someone who's been addicted to an opiod type drug needs drug treatment. My son was clean for two years when stress last August (his best friend killed himself) made him turn back to drugs once again. But prior to that, he had no drug treatment of any kind. My son is now giving speeches to school faculties, parents of high school students and law enforcement, on his experiences with his addiction and all that goes along with it. This is truly why I believe his life was spared so that he may save other young people from making that wrong decision to use pain pills or worse (herion, morphine).
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you will be strong and able to conquer the pill addiction. But please look into drug treatment, as I have seen first hand, how much it has helped my son. Take care, Jan

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