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I am walking rite into this one...but I don't care. You basically set the stage that NO ANSWER given will be correct or accurate or true. You my friend need a new doctor. I know plenty of alcoholics who function. Just because you lead a "normal" life doesn't mean you can pound back 2 bottles of Jack Daniels and that makes you immune to the label of alcoholic. Your doctor is an IDIOT, plain and simple.

You have a drink once or twice a year, or month or a week, you are NOT an alky. You my friend are an alky if you drink a bottle and a half a day, every day.

Justifying a problem is usually the first sign of a problem. "I only drink one beer (at a time) every 15 minutes until the case is gone" ... thats a problem.

At 22, you have your whole life ahead of you. Don't waste it DOWNING alcohol .... or justifying it for that matter.

Okay brother man, keep your head up, your eyes open and your eyes on the prize. (I am soooooooooooo tired)[/QUOTE]

You seem to have misunderstood what I was saying.

The point I was making is not that the amount I drink is ok (although I would hardly consider it life threatening, unhealthy yes). The point I was trying to make is that the wildly inconsistent information you find online is highly confusing and potentially dangerous. Telling people who drink once a year that they are alcoholics is just plain silly, and telling people who drink too much that they will die imminently is highly irresponsible since it will cause stress, which could well lead to more drinking. What I was trying to say is that there seems to be no clear definition of what is an alcoholic, and people who drink too much are automatically labelled as such and recommended rehab when they entirely don't need it.

Essentially, my point is that trying to figure out if your level of drinking is hazardous by looking online is a bad idea. Some will tell you that ANY drinking makes you an alcoholic, others will say that what I drink is insignificant. It is therefore impossible to guage the severity of the problem.

That is why I went to my doctor (who might I add is not an idiot, he's a GP and a professor in his field of medicine). Maybe he did understate the problem, but what I was trying to illustrate there, is that even a medical professional would agree that excessive drinking is not as imminently life threatening as some people online imply. Yes, it's highly bad for you, no that doesn't justify how much I drink, and yes, it can and likely will lead to health problems down the line, but the danger is, when you label someone who is young and just drinks too much as an alcoholic, it can be very damaging in ways people may not consider, it makes them feel like they have a problem that may not even exist. It makes them believe that they may be addicted when they may not be, which ultimately can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Consider it this way. If you are young, and drink a lot, would you be more likely to respond to someone who says "hey, you can't carry on drinking like that or your health will likely suffer in time.", or someone who comes along saying "Oh my god you are a raging alcoholic and you're gonna die if you don't stop right now and get to rehab!".

The point I was trying to make was that frightening people and labelling them as addicts is not an effective way to deal with the problem, and doubly so since the information on what constitutes an alcoholic is broad enough to suggest that a person who has a glass of wine on a friday night is an alcoholic. It's a far better way to deal with the problem by educating people about the health risks and helping them reach the decision to cut back by themselves, rather than scaring them into it with information that no one seems to know the accuracy of.

Case in point:

I thought that I drank to much, so I searched online, I didn't even hold the notion that I might be addicted beforehand, and now I do. The term "alcoholic" carries negative connotations, such as being a waster, or being drunk all the time and having no quality of life, depending on who you ask. That is not how I am at all, and if I ever do end up like that, then god help me. But the problem is, when you take someone with an unhealthy habit, and suggest to them that they may not be able to give it up, or suggest that they may not be so unlike someone who has been completely destroyed by drink, when you sow that seed of doubt, it can be a dangerous thing and ultimately detrimental to that person's ability to just grow up and grow out of casually binging without so much as a second thought.

I'm not denying that many lives are destroyed by drink, and I don't deny that I drink too much. But I feel that the inconsistent information, negative connotations of the term alcoholic, and the constant doom-saying can in a way tip people over from a bad habit to an addiction.

I hope this clarifies my point.

And yes, I'm cutting down how much I drink. It couldn't do any harm, plus, I like not having hangovers!

I'm sorry that you were so offended by what I said, but that is just my opinion, it doesn't make me right. I hope you understand better what I was trying to say.

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