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Hello Blambert, welcome to the boards. I ready through your post. I like Music have taken subs on 2-3 different occasions and I've learned a lot from it and from reading on here. I learned this; the quicker you taper and less you take over a shorter period of time the easier it is to stop taking it. If you take it for long periods of time it builds up in your system and the withdrawals are longer.

I was taking 400+mgs a day of roxi 30's and stopped, the next morning took 2mg of sub for 2 days I did 2 mgs, then 1.5 for 2 days then stopped totally and my withdrawals were minimal and keep in my mind my high daily usage of the oxy.

There is way too much I am going to leave out and miss here I suggest going and reading my thread "from roxi's to suboxone" there is a ton of info in there.

since we have all been through the same thing, a lot of us here talk with people on a daily basis and try to help them as best we can from personal experience and knowledge we have from listening/talking to others and knowing tons of people in real life (friends) who also have the same problem.

We are always here to talk, talking on here is what helped many of us get through this crappy process tremendously. I can't begin to explain how many times these men and women on these boards helped get me through rough times. they are all great people.

I am now clean 30+ days from all opiates including the subs and I feel amazing. I can't emphasize enough how much of a difference it has been being off of them.

I suggest a quick taper from the subs and in that thread I mentioned earlier, there is a whole bunch of info through the entire thing (I know it's long and there is a lot of posts) but it has tons of info/tips on what can and will help you through the sub taper and overall detox from this garbage.

I sincerely wish you the best and hope it works out for you.


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