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Hi Blambert.

I have been on sub for 2 periods. I am on it now. I was on it for 5 months last year and I was at about 1-2 mgs a day. You need to get down as low as possible. How much are you taking. I think alot of the wthdrawals are mentally related. I have heard both sides of the coin. I have heard people getting off with no or minimal issues and I heard people who have had nightmare stories.

In general, sub withdrawal is supposed to be much more mild than opiate withdrawal. It does stay in the system for a long time due to its very long halflife. When I came out of rehab last year I was on it for about 10 days. I had tapered and I was fine for 3 days. Around day 4 I noticed what was beginning to feel like withdrawals. It was certainly something I think I could have dealt with, but I wasn't ready so I saw a sub doctor the next day and went back on for the 5 months.

When I quit 5 months later I immediately went back on oxycodone thinking I was ok and I could do it. So therefore, I don't know what the withdrawals would have been after 5 months since I didn't give it a chance.

I went to detox on Thursday ( in general, my usage of oxycodone is mild compared to most) I tend to worry about things too much and my mental state always leads me to the worst scenario. I was 3 days clean when I went to detox but being a baby, I decided to return to detox because I loved the experience I had last year. I was gonna do it without subutex, but I lasted until 3 am on day 4. I had not slept in 4 days and my poor roomie was so sick adding to my discomfort. I caved in and took 2mgs of subutex. It was amazing. in 15 minutes, my anxiety and physical uncomfortablensess completely disappeared. I was out like a lght!

So since Thursday, I had 6 mgs on Friday,6 mgs on Saturday, 5 mgs on Sunday, 5 mgs on Monday. Today I have only had 1mg and I am aiming for 3mgs. I will keep tapering down for another week and then I will be done. I hope withdrawals will be minimal.

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