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Hello friends, not been posting in a while, I finally got alcohol out of my life (for the second and hopefully last time) about 6 weeks ago. Two years ago after living in a condo with toxic mold, I felt too funky to stand the gut-quivering effects it was giving us and I was desperate for it to stop. After over 20 years without a drop of alcohol, beer came to the rescue. It stopped the gut-shakes, problem came when we moved out of the mold but the beer came along with me. Every single night for two years, beer, then wine, back to beer, it was awful to see how fast it turns on you. I was scared to try and stop because of being put in the hospital for treatment with NO insurance, so I waited it out, wodering what to do. The next thing I know, this flu-bug hits my Darling Woman, and darling gives it to son, who gives it to me, and we all stay pretty sick for a couple of days, then it drags itself out another week. The whole time I had that crap, I was too sickly to want any beer, and praising God for the flu! This is where the "switching" part comes. I had been taking 2-3 Vicodin during the day at work because of a painful teeth condition caused from mold complications, and 2 Neuromas, one on the ball of each foot. They hurt like the devil at times but Podiatrists cost a lot of money that we don't have because of the mold side-effects we all 3 got, the case is under litigation because the Landlord lied about no mold was found after he inspected it. A licensed Mold Inspector found and photographed 4 kinds of molds, 2 were pretty toxic. So while we wait on the lawyer to do his thing, I suffer with hellish teeth pain, they break off and stuff, then those lumps on my feet can really act up, and then, I take a Vicodin. The only bad thing about stopping the alcohol was that the teeth and feet hurt a lot worse so the Vicodin went up to 6-8 a day (Hydrocodone 5/325's) What else can I do? I'm open to the great advice I have seen and read here for so long, this truly is a strange transition, I don't know if it's "switching addictions' or what? Thanks, jb

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