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Thanks Corissa. I just need to practice what I preach! I is now 1:49am. I took 15 mgs of valium since 9pm. It has finally helped and subsided the anxiety enough that I do not feel as if I am having a stroke. The tingling is gone as well. I have no affinity for benzos so I am nnot worried about developing an addiction. If anyone ever needed valium as prescrbed for acute anxiety, it was me tonight. Textbook example.

I am going to rent Black Swan and watch as much as I can until I drift off. I am done with the subutex so I am going to have to deal with that. I was on low doses so I hope that will at least keep me on the low end of the spectrum of WD.

I think i need to call my doctor tommmorow and explain what is going on. He knows I was in detox and is not judgemental at all. I was very honest with him durng my usage and told him I was having issues stopping. So I am glad that I never was dishonest and never was deceitful. I think it is important to rule out physical reasons to the anxiety at least. Make sure nothing physically was going on.

I have so many issues I need to sort out and I do not want and anti-depressant, however, I will not take a benzo to treat anxiety for more than a few days so I have to figure out the right course of action for me,

Thanks for listening. I am just glad I am having a break from the unbearable axniety that has plagued me for the last 48 hours. I dont think I could adequately explain how awful I felt today. I do not think I have felt as anxiety riddled in my life. I think I would have rather had physical opiate withdrawal symptoms over what I experienced the past 2 days.

Now that subutex and ambien are no longer available, I guess the real work begins.

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