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ive never heard of non-narcotic clonopin or Klonopin/Klonazepam. Ive taken them before, I kept it to under a couple weeks use, as I heard about withdrawals being pretty rough. Anti-anxiety meds can cause seizures, etc.

However good luck enduring your withdrawals. Ive detoxed from opiates, benzos, and 4 days of methadone (i had not used subs), but the withdrawals lasted about a week to ten days. day 4, 5, 6 were the worst and it got better from there.

I took seroquel prescribed by my doc for the insomnia (over the counter melatonin is good too, even gravol hepled me sleep the first time i detoxed). Make sure to supplement with vitamins, etc. Take a look at the 'sample home detox' thread at the top... it seems to work for alot of us.
Klonopin is not a narcotic. It is a benzodiazapene. It can aid in calming anxiety and sleeping. If used, it should only be used sparingly as addiction to benzos is a whole different animal and is regarded as being more dangerous to withdrawal from than opiates. Benzos affect a different part of the brain and they are not cross tolerant with opiates.

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