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hi all.

my girlfriend's 21st birthday was on Thursday, so as you can imagine we went a bit too hard. I had about 8 drinks on Wednesday, 7 on Thursday, and 4 on Friday. prior to that, I also had 5 drinks on the Sunday before. I did not drink on Monday or Tuesday.

I understand this is excessive. this is not usually my drinking habit. I often have only 3 drinks, 3 times per week.

since Saturday morning, my blood pressure has been THROUGH THE ROOF. it is usually 135/85, but it has been around 160/105 for the past two days, even though I have been drinking about 10 liters of water per day and eating healthy non-salty foods. my pulse has been normal, between 60 and 80. no irregularities.

I woke up today and it's 145/90, so not as bad as before. but I'm still feeling the same - nauseous, sweaty/clammy, fatigued, etc.

should these symptoms pass? should I have one or two drinks today to ease into it since cold turkey is dangerous?

I'm 22 years old and in good shape.

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