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Swim has always had a demented relationship with prescription medication. Swim is treated for several mental and physical health issues that include depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, pain, borderline personality, adhd, high blood pressure, seizures and poly-substance abuse. Swim has lived her life on the brink of overdose. Her prescriptions medications include norco for pain, valiume for axiety, ambien for insomnia, adderall for adhd and neurontin for seizures.
Swim is given these medications with the the quantity of a months supply. Swim is allowed maximum doses on almost all these medications. Instead of being called an addict, swim is called medically dependent.
Swim has some self control issues and has a problem making a months worth of any one given prescription last more than 7 days. If you do the math you would see that swim is taking an obscene amount of medication at a time. Swim runs out of medication and has to through the month without treating her symptoms because swim does not doctor hop. Swim is very aware that she has a problem but in the heat of the moment she can't stop herself.
Any suggestions?

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