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thanks for popping in bill, i thought maybe i had scared you off, and i definitely did not want that to happen. i KNOW so well how it feels to go off these or not have them for that needed 'boost' esp in the morning. the thing i figured once i found out i was indeed suffering from depression too, was went onto an anti D med thinking IT would give me, or make me 'feel" like hydro did. it did NOT go that route. and it wont, but it did help me to better clear my head while going thru treatment and getting away from that crap. ya just gotta remember, and keep remembering that at one time in your life, you did NOT need that feeling that hydro gave you and you survived just fine. its ONLY after feeliing THAT feeling, that we feel like we simply have to have it and cannot get thru a day with its "help'. for awile i also increased my overall caffiene intake to "try" and give just a bit more energy too. that did somewhat help me. but you will never ever be able to feel what hydro gave you. and after a period of time, you also would have to eventually increase that hydro intake to even GET that particular feeling anymore, and that is where people end up taking insane amounts of hydro AND the liver and kidney killer, tylenol in way way to high amounts that DO nail the kidneys and the liver hard. i have seen here and also when i was going to my regular NA meetings too, people taking like 20-25 pills per day and STILL not able at that point to even come close to what that "feeling' just was that they felt more at the beginning. it DOES have that ceiling effect where no matter how much you take, you will only still feel something at a certain level? but that does not stop people from trying. that 'feeling' over time and increased amounts just kinda "stops' after time passes and that tolerance hits you.

tylenol is VERY hard not only on the liver but the kidneys as well, so people DO go into both liver failure and kidney failure when taking sooo much tylenol over time. or depending upon the intake, it does NOT even take that long for some. and big problems can develop too with the mixed hydro and advil too, vicoprofen? it has its own crap it does heavily to mostly kidneys and the heart and places you at higher risk for stroke as well, among other nasty crap. for anyone who even takes tylenol on a daily basis, considered 'chronic usage' the daily intake goes from the 4000mgs per day to around 2000mgs per day only becasue of a particular chemical needed to metabolize the tylenol that gets much more depleted having to simply keep metabolizing that stuff like all thru out EVERY single day. once its depeleted(glutithione) it then becomes a really nasty hepatotoxin called NAPQI, and THAT is what starts killing off good health liver cells and leaves that damage to accumulate til the functions start to become lost. this is the main reason most pain clinics who are treating people with horrid pain levels will mostly try and use the 'plain' straight opiates like roxicodone instead of using ANY tylenol based meds. my pain clinic ONLY uses the no tylenol based meds for just the tylenol reason.

you sound like you have that addictive type personality too? some of us ARE predisposed to the triggers that create an addiction or a tendency to over use alcohol too. if either of our parents were alcoholics or addiction sufferers(my dad was an alcoholic and my sister addict and alcoholic) we run a much higher risk of doing that too. all it takes is that trigger effect and being depressed and/or just feeling certain things about ourselves, or our lives, and bingo, we just automatically start using something that then becomes more of a coping tool, and it usually IS in a big way partly(at least) an underlying depression we are also dealing with too. we just do not always see or feel that depression part. but the majority of alcoholics and addicts usually will turn out to be suffering some level of depression that when something makes THAT go away or we feel better FROM something we do, well we just 'use that' to cope and deal with everything and anything 'bad' or in hydros case, that 'energy it gives us as well. like i mentioned before, hydros impact on some of us is absolutely scarey in how it makes 'everything feel better'. then all of the sudden we find ourselves wayy too far into a very highly sick situation in our lives.

i do hope to hear back from you again bill when you can. you just really DO need to get this pain and what to try and use to make things better for you all situated before you get wayy too over that line. at that point, treatment of some kind(or working at least with the an addictionologist) really just HAS to be done in order for you to get 'better' but more importantly finding out the underlying 'whys' of what actually created your particular addiction in the first place. that IS what treatment does, and it realistically does need to be gone thru for anyone who becomes addicted, or you will still remain at a very very much higher risk for relapse if you do not 'get inside your own head' and simply figure out 'you'. i know if i had not gone the treatment route, i would have ended up abusing again(i also relied very heavily on NA for the first year esp). its hard enough to remain straight and sober even WITH treatment that also really helps change our overall addictive behaviors too, but without it, extremely hard and also very risky too.

god bless you too bill. hope to see something soon here. hang in there. marcia

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