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I've been on and off using Norcos for a year or so for recreational use, I'm up to 8-10 a day for a few months now. I'm on day 3 being sober and I feel like death. I've been having the worst sleep ever, hot and cold, cold sweats, sleep paralyse (which is the most terrifying thing ever, I'm afraid to go to sleep) I've been crying at the drop of a hat, extremely depressed, unmotivated, and horrible body aches. How long does this last??? I feel like I can't take it anymore... I'm so so sad.
Karal, the acute phase for physical symptoms between 36-72 hours, After that, it slowly dissipates. The mental issue is going to last awhile. I have been on and off this train quite a few times, but after a month I always have seemed to feel much better. Mental clarity comes and pleasure returns. You just have to be strong and reallly want to maintain sobriety. You need to nourish your body and drink lots of fluids. If you can go for small walks and work your way up, it will help. Time is the biggest factor here and I know how you feel, and with me, I have always gotten better, but it takes time.
if you look at it like a mountain.. given what youve been using... day 3, youre at the top of the mountain (acute withdrawal stage... will prob be only 2 more days of that max, then just mental anxiety). You can decide to turn back and go down the hill, or keep going down the other side. I would suggest the latter. Youve gotten this far already, next time will be the same thing if not worse. And yea ive had sleep paralysis... scary stuff, but mine went away when I stopped using.

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