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Hello Schao

I can only give you what my personal choice would be.

For what it is worth, I would not go on the Suboxone unless you feel that you would relapse once off the percocet. Like Percocet, Suboxone has an opiate base and there would be a struggle to come off that as well.

I think supporting withdrawal from Percocet with Clonodine will help with many of the withdrawal symptoms. The other two meds, if used only as needed will also be a great help.

Using Sub to get off the Percocet will only eventually lead to the need for a second withdrawal. In my opinion, Suboxone is wonderful tool for those who have issues with relapse. I think it allows time to change the thinking and be ready to accept sobriety fully before attempting to withdraw.

Evaluate your mindset fully and decide if you are truly ready to call it quits. When you have come to understand your own thinking, the decision will be easy.

Good luck

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