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Re: Heroin issues
Jul 5, 2011
[QUOTE=ncmommakat;4792890]I do know there is white powder and brownish powder here on East Coast ( NC ). Thank Goodness they are snorting and not shooting up[/QUOTE]

Snorting heroin will only last so long. Herion users experience a rapid tolerance to the drug. It's cheaper to inject than to snort or smoke. It also is cleaner to inject because when you snort it, you are snorting the "cut" the dealer uses to increase his profit margin.

Lastly, when using the injection method, natural endorphines (the bodys natural opiates) are released to relieve the pain of the injection which increases the "pleasure" of heroin. It's all around bad news no matter what means are used and really, no method of illegal drug use is morally better than another but it's opinions like yours (without the proper information) which leads to untimely deaths.... And I say that with all due respect.

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