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I have had migraines since age of 7, in fact my entire family has them (I'm the baby of 7, and I even passed the gene on to my daughter), and like you, I can not take any of the medications such as immitrex, relpax, or any of the other meds that has the side effect of "sudden heart attat" (which last I knew was [B]ALL[/B] of them) due to a heart rate of 160 since age of 28. Though I've never abused my medications, and I have been in pain mgmt (not for migrains but for collapsed spine due to CES in 2007, first back surgery was in 2004, I think... anyway...I have been on many type of medications.... and aside from daily the migraine preventatives of Atenelol (Tenormin=BP med/ Beta Blocker) + Topamax + Paxil (10mgs), my [B]rescue [/B]med in the event of a headache, and the one that really works for me is Fiornal + Codine... I know a lot of people curse this med, but it has been a life saver for me.My do and I have spent a LONG time trying to find something that worked, and we've tried just about everything out there, but Fiornal#3 is about the only thing that will work... A bottle of 30 can get me through 3 or 4 months depending on the migraines are triggered by barometric pressure..... My family has been studied at a major university due to the ENTIRE family having migraines, and we all have different triggers....Guess we're just lucky that way...NOT!!!

The funny thing is...when I was taking Percocets and/or Morphine or Lortab (I've been prescribed the gammut for it to...I hate meds :( ) for my back and got a headache, those meds would help the back, but not the was so weird. I no longer take any pain meds other than the Fiornal since I had my rods removed in March ' more PM I've felt (back wise) in years.... the PM turned me back over to my GP (since I showed up with migraines and had been treated by the same one and only doc for over 25 years)....

Just wanted to let you know I really relate on the Headache Homefront. There is almost no pain worse. Hope you can get some relief for those things, they are awful..

Do you get auras??? I do...and mine are two stage hole and then the zig zaggy lines at corners of eyes...depending on how long each stage lasts determines how bad the headace is going to be....but it's also a blessing in that [B]IF [/B]I can catch it early enough sometimes something as simple as a BC powder or an Excedrine Migrine will head off the's when I [B]MISS [/B]the aura that I'm flat out for 4 or more days.... :'(

Good luck to you.

Blessings, :angel:

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