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Hello Jcprelude--

I can definitely relate to what you're feeling like. It is literally the WORST feeling in the entire world! To give you a little of my background I was taking 30 Hydros Extra Strength a day and I'm 5'6.5" 120lbs. I was on these for months before I had an intervention with my boyfriend, family, and the doctor I worked for. I was immediately put on Suboxone the moment I started hitting my WD's from opiates.

The reason your back is hurting is because there are 3 locations in your body where opiate receptors are located. Your brain, your BACK, and your stomach. At times it felt like my back was broken. I'm still dealing with the dreadful diarrhea but that's only because our stomachs are finally waking up after being sedated by all of the opiates. Also, the RLS and muscle cramping come from the nervous systems trying to wake up and figure things out (I'm not a doctor obviously but my dad is a doctor and we have had extensive convos about this).

I started on Subs 3 months ago at 24mg. I took my last dose this past Friday (6 days ago) and the WD's kicked in on Monday. I got myself down to .6 of a milligram. The worst was the first night. My muscles tightened up and I literally couldn't stop convulsing. I have the chills/sweats. I have the highs and lows of feeling good. I have the diarrhea like there's no tomorrow. It would have been so easy for me to take a part of the sub the night I felt like I was dying but I'm SO tired of having them control my life. I've been given a second chance at life and I'm taking it!

So here I am, technically day 4 of my WD's. I have been on 150mg of Zoloft and 75mg of Wellbutrin everyday for months now. My mood is learning to smooth out. I was given Klonopin and I take any where from 0.5-1mg every night to sleep. Sometimes during the day I'll take .25mg if I feel a panic attack coming now.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, hang in there!!!!!!!! We are all going through this and I can PROMISE you that it will get better. Sometimes it might get better, then absolutely WORSE! We are all fighting, we are all rooting, and we are all in this together!!

I have faith in you :)

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