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Hi i've been taking suboxone for just over 2 years now and starting at 16mg/day, im down to 0.5mg/day. i tried quitting 5 days ago and with all the will and best attitude i had i couldnt do it. Amongst all of the withdrawal symptoms the main thing that made me go back to the medicine was back pain. i couldnt get one second of relief or sit in one position for more than approx. 15 seconds! And ofcourse i couldnt sleep. On my third night the restless leg syndrome seemed to be at ease and i ofcourse was tired so layed in bed like normal with hope just to see the clock 2 hours later and constantly turning, i layed on the floor and on a couch, just drove me crazy. its really sad because i have prepared for this for a long time. my family went away on a vacation and i stayed behind so it would be easier to feel soooo sickly sad and vulnerable. Everyone, including my doctor thinks i might get a little edgy when i quit. This is NOT true infact that and vommiting is the only symtom i didnt acquire..

My huge concern now is what do I do?? All of the research (including the suboxone medication guide) that i have done.. i havent seen any withdrawal symptoms include back pain. yes muscle cramps but i dont feel this is what i was feeling. so my big question is.. do you think i need to get my back checked out before detoxing, or should that be par for the course and perhaps its just a secondary to the medicine? my suboxone doctor told me to contact my pcp and my pcp told me to contact my suboxone doctor!

For those on suboxone reading this ill have you know that weaning off of suboxone as a longterm treatment and just walking away is untrue and ignorant false hope. i'm certainly worse off than i was going into the clinic that day. however, being on suboxone did help with the "brain disease" aspect of addiction. I've learned that drugs do not make you happier, ecspecially in the long run! i can't wean anymore taking less or even skipping a day is juust torture to me. i work outside in the heat doin back breaking jobs building houses etc..

I was on percoccets then methadone for less than year. before suboxone i was taking approx. 10-15mg of methadone to stop blowing money on percoccet 30mg. this was only for a few months though. Has anyone even tried quitting longterm suboxone treatment and experienced constant back pain?? please share. also i take 0.25mg klonopin per night... i know thats dangerous just had bad anxiety when i was quitting the other drugs and an addictive personality. if it makes me happy i used to tend to do it every day. now i'm screweda nd have given up the easier things such as alcohol and marijuana. But i can't kick this one.. unfortunately i think i'd have to be locked down to quit!

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