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Hi there

I know you are scared, but it is time to face the fear and do what you must to reclaim your life, mind, body and soul. Good good you for planning a course of action to get on with the business of living clean and finding happiness again. Good for you.

It will be rough going for 24 hours without the Percocet, but it can so be done. Take courage in the fact that many before have done it in order to start on Suboxone and are in much better shape today than ever imagined.

From all I have read on this board and from research I have done, the Suboxone kicks in really quickly, as within a 1/2 hour or less. I have not used it personally, but I am real familir with withdrawals. Probably most noticeable will be anxiety. Understand where it comes from and that battle is half done. The brain doesn't understand where its normal dose has gone and gets really edgy. Breathe and slow and it helps calm the anxiety down. Also, for me, getting physically involved in some kind of mindless activity (like sleeping the floor, walking... or running if you can) helped a lot.

I think if you read back lots of pages on this board, you will find a lot of information on withdrawal and specifically on starting suboxone that will help you understand it better. And be sure to ask the doctor any and all questions.

Suboxone has been a literal lifesaver for many. It has also been the route for many to begin the road to full recovery.

Please stay in touch with the board so we can support you and to let us know how you are doing.

Rooting for you

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