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Suboxone for Pain
Sep 1, 2011
Suboxone or buprenorphine to be correct was developed to be a pain killer. It is prescribed for pain. However because of the antagonist and long half life aspects is an excellent replacement for all other opiate addictions.

I do not like being on Suboxone but my right leg is screwed up after having the right knee replaced. Leg is always in pain and unfortunately I am an active person. Was a runner and Tae Kwon Do enthusiast for years.

Following knee and hip replacements I was on MS-Contin and oxycontin. Sure they mitigated pain but caused me terrible mental and emotional side effects. Got to point of suicide while my daily dose of oxy was 320 mg. So went on Suboxone to detox but physician saw my knee and with pain decided to keep me on Suboxone as it does provide some pain relief but none of those horrible mental side effects (panic attacks, impending doom, depression, anxiety etc).

I know I am totally dependent on suboxone as I forgot to take it on a trip and by Day 3 without I was in terrible shape. Funny, the only time I ever felt a "high" from Suboxone was that time I was almost 3 days without it. Following the unintentional 3 day abstention I took one 8-2 pill and felt loaded as hell.

My only other option is to have the prosthetic knee removed and replaced and the physicians tell me that this surgery is a "Bear" order of magnitude more painful and traumatic than original knee replacement. I cannot contemplate going thru that again.

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