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It's weird how we're so alike. I too worked in manufacturing...shift work to boot, and had bad back problems. I was in my 30's and never touched drugs or drank. After a car wreck and some ruptured discs, the Dr. put me on hydros. It did wonders, at first. I took it every day b/c I hurt every day. Plus, I had all this energy and was in a good mood. Problem is, you will build up a tolerance AND become physically addicted after one year, period. I didn't know this and thought all was ok b/c it's from my Dr.! Long story short, I started taking more...first a half a pill extra, then 2, then it got crazy. After 18 mos., I was hooked. The withdrawls were horrible...literally hung myself b/c they were so bad and the local rehab place gave me meds that did nothing. So I went online (this is in 2004), found out about Suboxone, and spent a month in a rehab place out of town. I suffered NO w/drawls, and the medicine is a pain-killer too. Also a sabotage medicine is in it, so if you try to take any opiates while on it, it'll send you into withdrawls! Since I'm from a small city in TX, I had to drive 200 miles every month to continue to get Suboxone. I had to do this until this last year! Finally, there's a Dr. here where I live. Gee, it only took 6 years. The good news for you is that it's available at a private Dr.'s office, you don't have to go to rehab (that was just my choice), and after he evaluates you, you usually can leave with a prescription and go get it filled at a pharmacy. You won't have to take off from work, won't have to suffer w/drawls, and the thing I learned is that ironically the more you take painkillers, the less your body makes it's own. So when I quit the opiates, after a while my pain went way down naturally. My work did random drug tests, and Suboxone does not show up on a regular test, so that helps too. Switching will also probably help your poor liver, b/c Suboxone is melted under the tongue and into the bloodstream, and your body doesn't have to process a bunch of acetaminophen. Say bye-bye to nausea too. Wherever you live, there is a list of Dr.s who prescribe it, and I'm sure you can contact the maker, but I can't tell you how b/c the Admin. said so a long time ago. But they have a toll free number and I'm sure a website. They'll help you find a Dr. Most require a drug test at first, and some random ones occasionally just to be sure. They have to I think. Even though I have 7 herniated discs (5 in my neck, 2 in my back, inoperable), believe it or not, all I take now is a fourth of a pill and an anti-inflammatory. Also, my chiropractor is my hero. I get horrible spasms and migraines sometimes, and he fixes me right up. As for all these ppl. thinking changing to Suboxone is just going from one addiction to another, well, that's b/s. One is a never-ending nightmare where you are a slave and even weaning off is almost impossible, the other (Suboxone) is the cure and yes, you can easily wean off. After 5 yrs. on it for intractable pain, my Dr. asked me to, and when I did, he graduated me to Subutex. I do understand where you are. I've been there, and thank God for Suboxone, I'm OK today. I'm back to my normal self, and so what if I take 2mg. 2 times a day? I consider myself clean now. The pills don't give me any "high", and it truly is just for pain. The bare minimum now. (When I first started, I did take the full 8mg twice daily). This is the answer that will just be between you and your Dr. and will not interfere w/your work and you can get off the nightmare ride that is opiate addiction. In a way, becoming a "drug addict" helped me...I'm so much more sympathetic and understanding. My prayers are with you, and I hope this advice helps.

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