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Hello Tony

[COLOR="Blue"]I thought the pain meds affected the bodies natural production of pain
control and took a while to recoup.[/COLOR] TRUE

[COLOR="blue"]I don't think I can base how I feel 1 week into detox/withdrawal or whatever and think that is my future, or can I. This soon[COLOR="Blue" This was so true for me.

No one wants to be in pain for sure. However, I do think it is too early to tell. After withdrawal, there is a period when the brain sehnds out 'search parties" looking for any remnants of the drug anywhere it might possibly find it... like in bones and deep into muscles. If you can hang on, try to tolerate it for at least a month. Do the heat packs, the ice packs, Salon Pas Patches, aspirin, things like that and see if they offer some relief.

Wishing you well through this all

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