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Congratulations on getting off pills. I am about to begin that journey myself.
I don't have much luck sleeping either. I did start taking melatonin which is over counter and available at walmart. It seems to have helped me some. I'm sure there are other things that may do better, but I am sure, like me you prefer not to go get a script for a sleep aid. Melatonin is natural and I think is produced in the body. And it is cheap. Had difficult time finding it in walmart but it was there all along. Good luck and God bless.
Hi There

I also used Melatonin to help with sleep after withdrawal. For me, it worked best if I kept myself on a pretty strict schedule. Got up at the same time each day, ate at the same times, napped at the same times, went to bed at the same time. Took the Melatonin (3mgs) one hour before lights out.

I think all the strict schedule helped my body get back into a more natural rhythm. As Kaitlan wrote, it can take a bit of time. For me it worked well.

Good wishes

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