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Thank You Gracie. Tommorow I will have my last day of the oxycodone. I have the suboxone ready to go yet again. however, I am trying to get back in the hospital for detox again this week. I am still feeling horrendous and I need to get out of my enviornment for a few days so I am hoping they have an open bed and my insurance will pay yet again. They do not pay for opiate withdrawal so we have to play the game with benzos so they will pay for it. It will be my 4th time in 2 years at the hospital. I like being there. It is very casual and not so much of a lockdown situation. Even though it will be 4 times, I do find that it helps. It kick starts the process and I feel very safe and love the support of the other patients. My problem is that I drop the ball. I cant do that. I have to get an aftercare plan in place. My primary issue is anxiety depression with addiction secondary. I do well on suboxone and I have never had one iota of an issue switching over. I never go over 6 mgs. So this reallly leads me to believe that the opiate abuse is a symptom of the anxiety and depression.

I need this to stop. It is ruining my life. I have no quality of life right now and I can not go to work in this shape. I am on thin ice at work and I have to just make it to July when my disciplinary record is wiped clean. So it is now or never that I get a hold on this and I hope they have a bed for me. I have switched over to suboxone a few times here on my own and was ok, but with what is going on this time around, I feel that I can not do that this time. I need to get away from here and start again.

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