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Oct 29, 2011
I'll start with my story real quick. My DOC is Heroin. i've been using for about 2 years (the past 12 months has been mostly IV use, before that was smoking) and right now i'm in the middle of trying to quit using Subutex/suboxone. I've been in and out a program through my HMO, and because of that program have a moderate amount of Suboxone to work with (and i was given a few Subutex by a good friend/former addict)

So it's mostly a blur but so far what i've been through was my last shot of H on tuesday at about 11pm. I woke up on Wednesday still feeling pretty well for a couple of hours, by about 1pm wednesday I felt bad enough (and rated myself on the COWS) that i figured i could start the Subutex. It helped, a little bit, on and off. I'm pretty much following the same plan i would have used at my HMO, i tried to induct myself using 2mg every 2 hours till i felt better, i ended up using 10mg and still feeling awful but i didn't want to go above 10mg a day. now it's Saturday night, I'm still somewhere between 8 and 10 mgs a day. and plan on hopefully being able to start tapering down starting tomorrow. The doctors told me, as well as some friends in recovery that a quick suboxone induction and taper is the only way to do it without becoming dependent on the subs. But so anyway, WEdnesday night was awful, vomiting and no sleep, coupled with hallucinations. thursday was the same, as well as thursday night. friday i felt well enough to get up, walk outside, and have a cigarette (Which was a godsend, i didn't plan ahead well enough to remember to buy some nicorette to get through this, smoking makes me so nauseous. but not smoking makes me feel almost as bad) since friday morning, the vomitting has almost gone away completely, i was able to sleep a few hours friday night (with some advil PM, and my usual 100mg seroquel). i've only thrown up once or twice today, and i feel like in a few hours i may be able to sleep. Oh also, today was the first day i could keep down food, yesterday the first day i could keep down water.

Anyway, i just would love to hear from anyone who has any experience with this kind of detox working. I still feel pretty awful, but hopefully i feel well enough to get to a meeting tomorrow or monday. and despite feeling awful, i'm kinda proud of myself having not used in like 4 days, it's the longest i've been clean in over a year.

Thanks in advance for any advice, experiences, or support.

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