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Re: What the hell..
Nov 20, 2011
There's some sort of unfound scientific factor here. Not general health conditions and not how long you've used or been on methadone. there's people in worse physical shape who stop and feel good with some effort. there's people whove been on methadone longer than 2 years and one day got off and managed to feel decent(going by the fact they didnt return). ive read about "endorphin deficiency". naturally lacking it where nothing you do via natural means lets you feel good. im sure theres some legitimacy to this but i think there's something really specific..concrete .. as far as people quitting opiates and how they can live after that. but at 28 years old .. to feel like you're 60+ despite living healthier exercising etc...this is ALOT more than just my diabetes which i do regulate. this is not explained. but you know what ive dealt with methadone twice now and ive met all sorts of people who were on the program. Ive come to the conclusion that even if you're well off...and you're on methadone. WORTHLESS FN WORTHLESS. DAILY ZOMBIYING .. WHO CARES WHAT JOB YOU HAVE OR WHO YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS IF YOURE A METHADONIAN. You're a junkie legally except that there's no high involved. yes for a regular person it will get you high...if youre on meth for 15 years you dont know the difference anymore! im starting to think if this is permanent for me i'll just abuse drugs till my time comes and meet my maker.

sorry for the long rant.

opiates and the human brain...why for some its an addiction and for some its a life long necessity(post use)??? i hope i live to find out the answer.

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