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Hi buddboy

Welcome to the board.

I am sorry you find yourself in this position, but very glad that you seem ready to really give up the drugs for good. That anxiety you were suffering before the semester started was probably the result of coming off the Vicodin and Norco.

Whatever bad choice you made to start up again after a month off is behind you. Let it go as we all must start at whatever point we are at [U]today[/U].
First thing I would suggest is that you read the thread near the top of this board titled, "Sample Home Detox." Lots of good info no matter what path we choose to withdraw.

The clonodine is a bloodpressure med and is often prescribed when we work with a doctor to withdraw. It can help with the sweating and flashes that are common in withdrawal as well as keeping the blood pressure down.

Ativan can also be a help if and when the anxiety becomes too much to bear. Use it as sparingly as possible because it is very easy to become dependent as well as addicted using it.

Stock up on some Immodium. It treats the inevitable diarreha withdrawal produces and additionally has an ingredient in it, loperdine (?), that acts like a very, very mild opiate.

Start practicing deep breathing methods to combat anxiety and/or jonesing. It helps greatly.

You can do this and you will be okay. It is helpful and , in my opinion, vital, that we seek aftercare. Have you included that in your plan to permanently stop this drug abuse? AA, NA or private counseling are some choices. Abusing drugs is a coping method.. self-medicating to hide from our hurts and fears and stresses. We need to discover and face our fears and learn better ways to cope with them in our lives.

Please stay in touch.
Wishing you well

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