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I guess this is a strange tale, but logical, in a layman's sense. After a 21 year total abstinence of alcohol, I moved in with my to-be-Fiance' and her handicapped son, into a toxic mold-infested condo. We all got sick, in different and similar ways, got a licensed Inspector's report on samples taken as being 2 of the 3 worst in the South East. It was during this time (after 2 1/2 years) that we lived in this enviroment, getting sicker, just not sure why, that my Fiance' and I , both, started getting muscle spasms, restless leg crap, waking in the night with a racing heart, it was getting bad. I went and got a botle of wine to calm the spasms. You got it, after 6 months of "wine for the spasms", came beer for the spasms, here we go again. That's when it got worse. Her son's and my teeth got diseased from under the gum by the mold. Her son had to have 22 teeth removed, I've had a total bottom plate put in from my tooth loss, and the uppers are going. In addition, nerve tumors from leg spasms came along and BAM! Vicodin for pain with beer for spasms. After 21 years totally sober, a thing like toxic mold throws you into a direct tail spin you could not imagine, unless you have also been exposed. I don't know what to really say except here I sit, 10-12 beers a day, 7-9 5/325's a day, and trying to get treatment for the mold and it's nerve and body system damage, nearly taboo in this area, and self-medicating till someone takes this toxic exposure seriously. It weakened me enough to go back to drink and opiates, a real good combo, I know, but it has become like the only relief except leaving this Earth. We tried to sue the dishonest Landlord that rented it to us, knowing the son's weak immuntiy was a factor, later found out from his plumber, he knew about the leaks from the upstairs toilets but it was too costly to fix. The attorney we hired to help us was a "bonified mold expert" that ran off with our $2,500.00 retainer fee, which we are getting back from the State, but for 1 1/2 years, did nothing to help us, it only helped me get more addicted to self-medication. We know of no one who has been exposed to toxic mold and had a former addiction problem that was egged back on because of it's horrible effects. Please, no opinionated remarks from any that have not been exposed to these poisons, only from them that have, if any. We stay sick of being sick. I don't know what to do except find another lawyer and keep going the only way it seems possible. It takes an hour before I can function well enough each day, after I've taken 1-2 vicodin, my daily ADHD dose of 30 mg. of Adderall, and a xanax, all prescribed for nervous conditions. The mold made any existing conditions worse. I know this way is not the answer, I know drinking was a problem before, as were pain-killers in the 90's, after 4 auto accidents. Now the return to the 2 demons is getting out of hand, but it's hard to get any Dr. to take you serious. Sorry to ramble, it disgusts me of my own self to think about what is transpiring. I just am without hope. JB

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