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zoiegrace thank you for the reply. that means a lot. I appologize for taking so long to respond. Today is the big day, first day not taking any Vicodin. I have been filling prescriptioins everytime saying this will be the last one and ill taper, but i cant stick to it. Knowing myself i need to go cold turkey. Regardless of how miserable it is compared i know its the way i can come off these without relapsing. Right this momemnt i feel like Crap. My whole body has the chills and my nose is running plus i feel like an emotional wreck. I called my mom and confided in her to tell her what is going on becuase ive been crying on and off all day becuase my emotions are so out of whack. I just want the withdrawals to go away and feel normal again. Ill never touch another one of those horrible pills again, its not worth this. I miss having my life back and being who i was before and having control over my life and not letting these pills take control over me. I was masking who i was with those pills and my tolerance was getting to be more and more, thats when i knew it was enough. What the best guess of how long the withdrawals will last? from what ive read and experienced before it was a few days, like 2-3 days? Also i took an ativan to calm my nerves before bedtime tonight. I just want this to go away, please help.

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