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[QUOTE=livingzombie;4884235]My name is Jon and was taking vicodin for 1 1/2 years and currently taking suboxone for 2.2 years. I originally started taking suboxone in attempt to get off vicodin but got addicted. Start with one tablet them 1 1/2, then 1 film moved up to 2 1/2 films (20mg). I went from taking 20mg for the last 2 months to taking 8mg on Friday, 4mg on Sat and Sun and just stopped on Monday. Today is day 3 of absolutely no suboxone and the feeling is unbearable. It hit this point of unbearableness yesterday, day 2.
I feel anxiety, can't sleep for anything, muscle aches, lost of energy and appetite, overwhelming roller coaster of emotional feelings but majority is physical pain, chills,useless. I decided to do this at home since I recently got laid off.

My question to all: How much longer is this going to take (worst case scenario/ I know everyone is different)? Any suggestions on how to make this process easier or a bit more comfortable if possible?

I want to be free of pills, of this demon that controls my body. I want to be free. Please any stories of encouragement. Thank you[/QUOTE]

I read your post and there is saying in weight lifting and martial arts is that people who quit soon do too much too fast. In other words people want to look like Arnold the first day of weight lifting or want to be Bruce Lee after one Karate lesson. It aint going to happen.

This is just my opinion but you can taper down way more and feel pretty comfortable. You can get down to specks and then jump off and doing it too soon is probably not going to work. If you are that motivated then you need to taper down further and it won't take that long. However you are setting yourself up for a let down by jumping off too soon. This is not an excuse to continue using it, but be smart and give yourself some more time to taper. Since you are down to 4 mg's a day, you can jump down to probably 2 mg's right away and then next week 1 mg and then 1/2 and then quarter and then specks and then after that you jump off.

YOu don't want to feel like dog meat if you don't have to. Even the pain the Navy Seals go through has a purpose. Jumping off of Sub too fast serves no purpose and frequently leads to a let down by going back on. Give yourself some time and taper.

Finally this might sound crass but there is a story that has a good point and it goes like this; One young buck says to the older buck, "Let's run down the hill and do one of those heafers." The old buck says to the young buck, "no let's walk down and do them all."


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