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The two people I know who were on Suboxone had nearly 0 severe withdrawals. They felt a bit crappy, but didn't even have to take a day off work. Both went down 2mg at a time, then jumped off from 2mg. Based on what I read about Suboxone, this should be pretty typical.

Obviously everyone is different, but my theory is people get started at WAY too high a dose, which actually deepens their opiate habit. I had a 180mg per day oxy habit and I only required 6mg of suboxone to completely eliminate withdrawal symptoms and cravings. A lot of docs want to bring you up to AT LEAST 12mg, even if you don't need it. Then, people stay on it way too long I think. If you're going to use it as a substitute opiate for a long period of time, you probably will have to pay the piper (Still probably won't be as bad as full agonist withdrawals like heroin/oxy etc). But if you're using it to quit opiates, and you're going to be on it for several months rather than several years, I think it's much much much easier than a full agonist opiate for most people. The science backs this up.

Disclaimer: Not everyone is the same.

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