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Hi there, start at the lowest dose possible and do a quick taper or you will be addicted in over 2 weeks. I was on 30mg oyxcodone 6x a day for 2-3 years for back problems and my MD closed with all my records.
Take the least amount to keep you out of WD, then taper down as quick as possible, unless of course you want to use drugs soon after, then stay on the sub. Low dose. My arsehold MD started me out at 32mg and said I had to be on it for a year, all about $$$ with many MD. Way to high a dose, and now I am addicted to it, and tapering isreally tough if your on it for any length of time.
Don't take any more than 2mg a day, 3mg only if needed due to WD's.
Decrease dose everyday by ,5mg, or 1mg, or you will be a slave to this evil drug. Try a 5 day taper and jump off.
This is my opinion only and from what I have read the past 6 months.
Let us know how you are doing and best of luck,
OK, final update (probably). Even though I haven't had a response in awhile, I'm hoping it may help readers.

I've been on 6mg of Suboxone for about 5 days now and I feel pretty much 100%. My flu is letting up, so I can start to assess myself. I have a tiny bit of "brain shock" sometimes (Anyone who has taken Effexor or something knows what I'm talking about. I think it has to do with lack of Seratonin), but it is very mild and rare. I also have a little more trouble sleeping, but nothing major. That's about it. I don't feel high, I don't feel sick, and I hardly have any craving at all for oxycontin. It honestly feels amazing.

Since I was buying everything (I had no prescription for oxycontin), I was spending about 70-90 dollars a DAY, plus about $20 in gas per week to support my habit. After day 5, I've saved over $400!!! Also, since my drug plan covers most of the Suboxone, I only pay $5 per box of 7 2mg, so it costs me about $1.75 per day to take Suboxone. Next to nothing.

Also, my doctor has written me a prescription for 60 more tabs to last me over xmas and until I can get in to see him again. So I'm pretty much set.

We agreed to try to start the taper process after about 1 month at this maintenance dose.

In closing, what a lifesaver. Suboxone is exactly what I hoped it was. I feel normal. I never realized how much my mood/feelings were up and down on Oxycontin. You're either high or you're sick all the time because of the short half-life. On suboxone, you just feel even.... straight... normal. All the time. It's unbelievable.

I wish everyone the best of success with their struggle.

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