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I was dependent on Opiates for almost two years, and then I was put on 3 8mg/suboxone a day for about 10 months, and then dropped to 2 8mg/day until I said enough is enough and couldn't take it anymore.
I would like to warn people about suboxone and long term use of this medication. I went through withdrawals and they were almost worse than regular opiate withdrawals. I felt the worst all around muscle pain I've ever had in my life during this time. Everything was amplified....sounds, lights, anxiety, depression, etc.. I got through it by checking myself into a detox center and found a "higher power" that I reached out to when I simply thought I could not handle it anymore and became hopeless. It helped for me but it's not for everyone.
What I can say is that it does get a little better each day but it's on and off.
I found that when my pain receptors were getting back to normal, my pain and lethargy would be a tad better one day, and because it was better I was doing more active things only to feel worse the next taking one step forward and two steps back...but then the next day kept getting better. I went through this cycle for about a month and a half. Positive self-talk is a good motivator if you can get to that point, sometimes I didn't have it in me to wanna look at myself or was so hopeless/depressed that thinking positively was near impossible. It could always be worse...remember that, and keep on keepin on one day at a time. GOODLUCK!!!!

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