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Detox will take up to 2 weeks and varies from person to person. Your personality will return. Your body and brain have become acustom to taking opiates which has changed your brain chemistry and synaptic structure. Removing the opiates you have the withdrawls which could get worse then it will stop. Once over WD your brain chemistry will start to change and continue to change until it is back to "normal". Unfortunatley this could take a very long time due to the length of time that you have used the oxycodone. Look into suboxone or subutex (if back on the market). This will help with the WD and personality change you are experiencing. I was in your position so many times until I recieved this type of treatment. It made my recovery much easier. Now 3 years off the pills and feel as normal as I could feel. I forgot what normal felt like initially but it will all come back.

Good luck to you

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